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public - created 01/07/05
Do you look through your burner closet and agonize because you don't have the most lucious purrrfect sexy most burneresque "come and get me baby" costume?..If this is you we are your TRIBE baby!!! We are here to introduce you to creating the most awesome playa wear. Amaze your friends...get oohhed and ahhhed as you strut your hot little number around Black Rock City!!! From Bodacious bodices to real living faux fur..if you feel the need sign up!!! Host a playlicious playwear workshop...near you!!! Bring your sewing machine and your buttoneer!!!

A NOTE DESIGNERS: Please do not use this tribe to ADVERTISE your wares. If you start a thread advertising costumes for sale, it will be DELETED. This is not personal. This tribe is for CREATING costumes and getting great ideas about wearable art. You may wish to post your thread in this tribe which was created for burners who sell product. Thanks for your cooperation. RSS Feed what is XML?

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