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topic posted Wed, April 2, 2008 - 11:30 AM by  Merry
I just made a really cute dress with a criss-cross lacing style in the back. Which leaves most of my back exposed. Its really cute, but I have the unfortunate issue of my large bewbies needing a bit of support. I'd hate to have to wear a bra because it will detract from the cool aspect of the back of the dress. Anyone have any creative solutions to this kind of problem?
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  • I've had relatively good success with the giant band-aid type stick on bra cups along these lines.

    I'm sure you can find them other places too, I just happened to get mine there years ago. I was wearing them the first time my now-husband
    groped my bosom.
    I've also heard of girls just using duct tape, but frankly it's worth the money not to have to get the duct tape back *off* your lovely, delicate bewbies.
    • How well do those adhesive things work if your dancing and sweating?

      I've always just assumed they would be a pain to wear and would end up falling off at the most inconvenient of times, which is why I've never experimented with them.
      • they're not too bad as I recall. I've worn them with the (magic) red rubber dress and they stayed true. I have a few left over, if you're in the Seattle area you're welcome to submit them to tests.
        Keep in mind that mine are a few years old, and they seem to have even fancier ones on the market now.
        • I have used these before:

          It says that they're waterproof and can be worn with a bathing suit. I wore them to Sea of Dreams in SF a few New Year's ago... got there around 8PM, danced & sweated my ass off (I tend to sweat A LOT!), and they probably lasted until just after midnight or so before the sticky just didn't stick anymore. They were AWESOME while they lasted though!! I liked that they didn't just support, they also LIFTED as well! :)
          • Those look great. I'll have to give them a try! Thank you!
            • i just noticed you can buy them on amazon for $11 instead of the $17 on the other site, so make sure you shop around before you buy! also a few caveats -- depending on how low cut the top is, there's a chance you might be able to see the top of the adhesive part. and they are advertised as only working for up to a d cup (i'm a c-d).
              • Thank you so much for the new information!

                I'm a 32DD. I freaking HATE my boobs. Traitors.

                I swear I'm going to start running again, any day. I'm not overweight much, but damn these things won't deflate.

                Maybe I can make it work, because I'm not a very big person. At $11 I can give it a shot. Thanks hon.
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    why not just sew cups into the dress? since you made it that shouldn't be a problem. :) you can buy the dress cups at JoAnns, I think it's a pretty common thing to do. :)
    • Its not a very tight fitting dress. So sewing cups into the dress wouldn't be very effective.

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        I guess I'm a bit confused then. It sounds like you've sewn a dress that's totally cute, but not very realistic for your figure? particularly if you want to go dancing in it. Maybe some minor adjustment to the design might make it more practical for you? It sounds like the sticky things can help, but I was just thinking it could be a pain to have to do that everytime you want to wear the dress. I've read elsewhere about more buxom women sewing the front part of a bra or a strapless bra directly nto a dress to give them the support they need without the straps sewing, and without altering the looser line of the dress. maybe that's something else to look into too. :)
        • I'm a 28F... Something I have done in the past is use a long line bra (corset) and removed the back portion. I added grommets to the sides and then laced the back up using the same ties as I had made for the dress. The trick was to play up the ties, rather than hide them. I was able to dance all night and not have to worry about support. An added bonus is that it created a nice slim(er) line under the dress. (As for the sticky cup bras, it has been a couple of years, but for me, they just did not work. When they say C-D, they mean it. The new ones might be different though...)
  • Sorry if I missed this in the responses... but is this a dress mainly for the playa? Or will you be wearing it elsewhere? I ask because a playa solution might be more about comfort. Where as a 'default world' solution might be more about what's visually 'appropriate'.
    • After trying everything, duct tape went great for me, then i went to the surgeon for the thighs and threw in a breast lift. now i can go braless.
      the corset idea is very creative and might have potential.
      • I'm a 32G myself, and also happen to be pretty allergic to adhesives, so the duct tape/ sticky bras are out for me. I have sacrificed bras for the cause, and will sew in a regular bra into the dress. I attach the bra to the places where the straps go in. If it ruins the open back, then I'd get myself a long line bra.
        • I made a temporary fix of safety pinning a bra that matches the color of the dress and just not using the back part of the bra. It worked pretty well for the hour that I wore it. I was unfortunately very sick for the Vancouver Recomp, with food poisoning or something, and ended up in bed for nearly the entire event. Ugh.

          Next time though, I will be able to test it out a little longer. *crossing fingers*
          • I am working on a hammered copper underwire thingie that I can turn into a bra's a concept that's still in r and d here in my studio...padding where the copper touches the skin without hiding it too much is a conundrum....thanks for the product reviews, everyone. I think I will try one of those stick on bras...36DD might work in them, worth a try.

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